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IxDA Madrid




We are the local chapter of Madrid. After a few years of being inactive, we decided to reactivate the group in May 2017 with a first event to which more than 60 people attended. Thanks to this success, we decided to organize one event each month, whose tickets take less than two hours to sell out.


With more than 200 members at the present moment, we feel proud to have achieved a close community, with a desire to share, learn and inspire each other. We have an open dialogue that not only reaches people dedicated to interaction, but also from realms close to this one, that help build and improve our job.


A creating space for dialogue that’s open to debate, reflection and the creation of subjects of debate over the design of interaction.


Creating a diverse community, where all contributions are welcome.


Creating a “place” to go for references, businesses, news, support, etc.

More about ixda Madrid


If you want to learn more about the community of IxDA Madrid, and the events we have organized through the past year, please click in the following link: 

Who leads our community?

Carlota Hernandez
Marketing & Communications Specialist in Designit

Lucía Gomez
UX designer in Tuenti

Maya Pingarrón
Wux Product Designer in Vocento

Andrea Marqués
UX Designer in Garaje de Ideas