Why Madrid?

UX Design in the city


Madrid is a city that has built a great community and a large culture in the interactions design sector over a small amount of time.


We have a big number of different communities that support each other, events and a large movement in the business sector. All of this led by a great optimism, a desire to grow and to continue contributing in this sector.


Some events and meetups that are being held nowadays in Madrid are, among others, IxDA Madrid, Design Wednesdays BBVA, Ladies that UX, Play Restart, Services Design Drinks Madrid, Creative Mornings Madrid, Experience fighter or GIF de Garage de Ideas, as well as events created by other businesses with the means to share experiences and bettering themselves with help from the community.

Madrid is a center in which completely opposite ideologies coexist, each learning from one another and building each other up; and if there is one thing that characterizes the Comunity of Madrid, it is it’s proactivity when it comes to greeting and sharing these different ideas with the means to an end of growing and evolving.